Constitution and By-Laws
Not all Bylaws are below, please contact your directors:
1.) The SELFL is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to teaching
the fundamentals of football and sportsmanship to young people.
2.) The SELFL is governed by a Board of Directors. This board is composed of one
representative from each organization within the League.
3.) All games will be played under LHSAA football rules and will be officiated by
LHSAA officials. All rules will be applicable except as noted under Playing
Rules Section of this document.
A.) The SELFL has incorporated the NYSCA Coaches Code of Conduct into the
Playing Rules.
B) The SELFL will incorporate in the year “2010” the USA Football Youth Playing Rules Handbook.
4.) The Executive Board of the League will be elected from Representatives of the SELFL Membership. 
These officers are: President, (4) Vice- Presidents and Secretary-Treasurer. These are some of the duties for these Officers are:
a.) President- Preside over meeting; arrange time and place; and keep order.
b.) Vice- Presidents (4)- Preside in the absence of President; try to locate and
bring into the League new teams. Be part of the infraction Investigation Committee;  Review official league books before turning them over to the President.
c.) Secretary- Treasurer- Take minutes of meeting; keep records in order to
prepare financial reports.
Election of Officers for the (4) Vice Presidents will be held June 1, these Officers will serve until June 1, of each year.
Election for President and Secretary/ Treasure will be held every four years,  starting from the year of “2008”.
5.) The next meeting will be scheduled at the meeting in progress. There will be one
    week notice of a special called meeting by certified mail or by phone.
6.) In order to amend the Constitution of the SELFL, you must be a member in
good standing and have 2/3 of all members support of the amendment.
A member in good standing being; a member that owes the League no monies
for fines, penalties or other reason and having served it's one-playing season
7)  A Committee for Infraction Investigation will consist of the four Vice Presidents and two Representatives..
8) The SELFL Executive Board and members can conduct a conference  call to discuss and conduct league business.
9)Once, the SELFL members vote and ratify the Constitution, Bylaws  and Penalties for violations, the Executive Board will administer all league rulings  
10)  One (1) coach per team or a certified medical personal must be  certified in child and adult CPR and Basic First Aid.
The League is composed of several organizations with three teams in each organization. These teams will be made up of "A" [11 to 12], "B" [9 to 10] and "C" [6 to 8] age groups.
Changes in Constitution, By-Laws and Playing Rules
Meetings called for the purpose of changing the Constitution, By-Laws or Playing Rules may be attended by and voted on by anyone of the following members of each organization; Head
Coach, Athletic Director, President or Representative.
A Representative is a person that is from the same geographic area as the organization. Each Representative will have a designated alternate from the same geographic area to serve in his / her absence.