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        Greetings and Hello, 
   My name is Montero Leroy Bradford, the Commissioner of the Southeast Louisiana Football League family. We as members of this league exemplify the likes To promote spiritually, physically, and emotionally; the importance of love, respect, family relations, education, and good sportsmanship. This is accomplished by realizing we must first love God and ourselves. With this realization, we are inspired to love and respect others as we want and need to be.  
  Our goals are: 1. Always keep God, His love, and His word first in all of our plans. 
      2. Promote unity and family harmony. 
          3. Demonstrate and encourage respect. 
                            4. Promote confidence and independence among each other. 
       5. Encourage excellence in education. 
                        6. Provide a positive approach to negative peer pressure. 
                             7. Offer alternatives to alcohol, drugs, gangs, and sex. 
                    8. Develop healthy minds and bodies. 
    We consist of 16 different communities across the southeast portion of Louisiana from Hwy 10 to the north, Hammond to the east, New Orleans to the south and Plaquemine to the west. 
    We upheld the coaches to the utmost respect in education, and safety in sports.
     I personally would like to thank all the parents, players, cheerleaders, coaches and Presidents for allowing me the opportunity for being the Commissioner of this great league.

                                                           May God Bless You All,
                                                           Montero Leroy Bradford
                                                           Cell: 225-315-4340
                                                           Email: mbrad@cox.net
                                                           Web: SELFL.org   

​Message from the President