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    2024 Jamboree Schedule

    SELFL Important Dates

    Southeast Louisiana Football League

    Important Dates

    2024 Season

    June 30                                 Proof of Insurance turn in to league

    July 1                                     First Date of conditioning 

    July 22                                  First Day in Pads/ Contact

    July 31                                 Age cutoff date

    August 10                          Meet the Refs Mandatory Coaches Meeting

    August 24-25                  North and South Player Check-in's                     

    August 31                          Jamboree Games (Tangi [N] Vacherie [S]

    September 7                    Week 1 Regular Season game

    September 13                 Last date to add player to roster

    October 26-27               1st round playoffs - (Warriors Red)           

    November 2-3                 2nd round Playoffs - (Hammond)                     

    November 9                      Semi-final Playoffs - (Eastside)

    November 16                   Super bowl Championship - (Clinton) 

    November 23                  1st all-star practice

    November 30                  2nd all-star practice

    December 7                     3rd all-star practice

    December 14                  2024 SELFL all-star Games                                                                   


    Jamboree North Dville
    Jamboree South Gold
    1st Round Playoffs
    2nd Round Playoffs 
    Bayou Laf
    Semi Finals 
    West Feliciana


    2026 Season hosting order will be re- shuffled at first directors meeting in 2026

    2024 Proposed Road to the Superbowl Playoffs Games Schedules

    SELFL 1st Round Playoffs hosted by St. John Warriors Red

    Saturday Schedule Games

    9:00 AM

    B Team

    5.Seed (South) vs 6.Seed (North)




    10:30 AM

    C Team

    5.Seed (South) vs 6.Seed (North)




    12:00 PM   

    A Team

    5.Seed (South) vs 6.Seed (North)




    1:30 PM   

    B Team

    5.Seed (North) vs 6.Seed (South)




    3:00 PM

    C Team

    5.Seed (North) vs 6.Seed (South)




    4:30 PM

    A Team

    5.Seed (North) vs 6.Seed (South)




    6:00 PM   

    B Team

    3.Seed (South) vs 4.Seed (North)













    Sunday Games Scheduled

    10:00 AM

    C Team

    3.Seed (South) vs 4.Seed (North)




    11:30 AM   

    A Team

    3.Seed (South) vs 4.Seed (North)




    1:00 PM   

    B Team

    3.Seed (North) vs 4.Seed (South)




    2:30 PM

    C Team

    3.Seed (North) vs 4.Seed (South)




    4:00 PM

    A Team

    3.Seed (North) vs 4.Seed (South)

    Additional Player information

    Players please arrive to stadium at least one hour prior to game time.

    Coaches with  out USA Certification Badge will have to pay at the gate. No exceptions 

    Clinton Community Tiger Mini Series 2023 Season

    SELFL Fans and Players help to me to get Clinton Mini series Video to 100k Subscribers. check them out. and Subscribe and like.

    Message from the League president

    As some of our SELFL family of players , Coaches and parents may know Saturday Nov 5th is schedule to have over 90% chances of thunderstorms and rain, which in history means it will be rain all day non stop...

    Because of the strong possibility of heavy rain all day Saturday Nov. 5th and recent sky rockets cases of kids catching the flu The League wants to make sure everyone is safe by rescheduling the 2nd round of playoffs back a week to the date of Nov 12, and move the date of the super bowl back a week as well to Nov. 19th.

    SELFL president
    Willie Coleman 


    Southeast Louisiana Football League

    Thank you for visiting SELFL page. We take pride in youth developmental football.  All of our coaches are required to be USA football Certified Coaches and Staff. Our Teams are among the finest teams in southern Louisiana. 

    After a season of a pandemic Crisis SELFL is back stronger than ever to provide the kids an outlet to play youth football.   

    If you are a SELFL coach and requesting access to your team's webspace or your organization website to update or post pictures or videos or stats. please click on the link below [ Coaches Application ]

    2022 USA FOOTBALL Coaches Certification Training



    This year’s certification includes more enhancements and unrivaled resources. From developing the whole athlete to Levels of Contact, you’ll have everything you need to make a positive impact on your team. Coaches certified in 2021 are eligible for recertification if they use the same account!

    Online & In-Person Certification

    The certification is a $25 value, discounted to $15 for coaches who get certified online. In-person Certification is available in select cities at public clinics.

    SELFL Rules

    Every Coach must have USA Football Certification Badge present to be allowed on sidelines of games. Also coaches must provide proof of badge to get into games free at visiting sites on game day. 

    Please select one of the Options Below

    Certify Online     

     New Orleans Saints July 9, 2022 In Person Training

    Contact Us SELFL Info..

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    Phone: 504-908-5473